An ANCAP from Crimea

from a Facebook friend of mine taking part in a libertarian argument about Ukraine / Russia:

Вы тупые, кто за Россию! Я анкап из Крыма. Однако кремлевская хунта, благодаря тому, что оккупировала мой дом, сделала жизнь крымчан в разы хуже! Да, я также против того, чтобы американские чиновники убивали американцев за счёт американцев. Но оправдывать большевика Путина – это уже не в какие ворота не лезет! Тупые этатисты!

My Translation:

You’re stupid, if you’re for Russia!

I’m an ANCAP from Crimea. The Kremlin Junta is generous in that they occupied my home [sarcasm], and made life many time worse.

Yes, I’m also against the American politicans killing Americans for Americans. But apologizing for the Bolshevik Putin — this is ridiculous!

Stupid Statists!

I continued in the FB thread:

– Shane Trejo, Michael Barnett, Dan Sanchez, William Houston, Scott Horton, Daniel McAdams — Here’s a great opportunity for you to correspond with an ANCAP who LIVES IN CRIMEA.

Is there anything you want to ask him?

– I suspect the Kremlin shills from anti-war dot com and the Ron Paul Institute will be about as interested in him as they are in the Libertarian Party of Russia: An appeal to western libertarians about the war in Ukraine