Anti-IP article in Ukrainian literary magazine

My friend Andriy making waves as usual:

There was a Ukrainian poet who translated the works of Jim Morrison. He couldn’t publish the book because of IP fears. Eventually he self-published and enjoyed spectacular success as well as fierce condemnation.

My friend Andriy defends him in this article as makes a more general argument against IP. The outcry against his article was severe, the discussion was intense, and the support expressed was surprisingly strong (though still the minority opinion).

3 thoughts on “Anti-IP article in Ukrainian literary magazine

  1. Ed K

    I was referring to Andriy site not on your bloggroll.

    But then Andriy never let us on the other side the
    pond of his endeavors.

    You need to explain to Andriy that many in USA of Ukrainian
    heritage did not have your advantage of being near St. George’s
    to learn Ukrainian language.

    Ed K


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