Anti-Protest Laws “Passed” by Ukraine’s Government

They were sort of passed without a vote. Apparently, the opposition disabled the electric voting system, so the speaker called for a show of hands and, without making any visible effort to count them, delcared the laws passed.

The laws criminalize all sorts of behaviors, including wearing helmets during protests.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Protest Laws “Passed” by Ukraine’s Government

  1. elmer

    There was no discussion of the laws – they were simply “passed” by the sovok mafia thug Bolshevik Regionnaires.

    They “counted” hands – both of them – fingers, toes – and the “speaker” simply declared that it looked like they had 235 votes (226 required).

    Here are pictures:

    Note the self-satisfied smirks of the sovok mafiosi how are so proud of holding up 2 hands in circumventing all parliamentary procedures in their march toward dictatorship.

    As Anatoly Hrytsenko said – Ukraine is now North Korea

    Ukraine does not have a legitimate government.

    It has a brutal corrupt kleptocratic sovok mafia regime.

  2. Ed K


    Thank you for input. A respected friend on the
    street is better than all the news media.

    Remember that your mafia may want you.
    Have an exit plan.

    Do not become protestor found under a bus.


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