Berkut Discipline

I’ve posted evidence of their excesses, now I’m going to anger some of my Ukrainian friends and post two examples of Berkut discipline.

I know how hard it is to control young men who feel threatened. My platoon in the 82nd Airborne Division would not have shown this level of restraint. We would have killed everybody. Of course, we had a different mission, different training and different weapons.

I want to protests to succeed. I want them to lead to a country with more local autonomy because local autonomy and competition between jurisdictions is one of the few ways to actually limit corruption.





Thank you, Andrii. So only some of the guys in the first video are Berkut, and none the guys second video are. Yeah, about that second video. Maybe that’s not discipline they’re showing. Maybe it’s cowardice.

7 thoughts on “Berkut Discipline

  1. Andrii

    Boys in black uniform are not Berkut. It’s internal forces (внутрішні війська). Guys – 19-20 years old. They beat demonstrants rarely. Berkut are fat big guys who hides behind their backs when crowd attacks.
    Berkut is on the video with naked man.

  2. elmer

    Roman, what you see is monumental stupidity on the part of yanusvoloch and his banda.

    And much, much frustration – unbelievable frustration – on the part of Ukrainians who have been beaten, raped, tortured, pillaged for years, who have seen things get worse and worse and worse under yanusvoloch. They also act on behalf of all the Ukrainians who have been murdered.

    How abominably stupid to order your troops to stand there and take it when protesters are throwing firebombs and stones.

    Those troops aren’t cowards – they are brave, and they weren’t shooting protesters.

    Why would they shoot protesters anyway? To protect yanusvoloch’s golden toilet? To protect Firtash’s money? To protest Akhmetov’s and Pinchuk’s mansions in Ukraine and London?

    What’s the point?

    The troops don’t want to beat or shoot their own people, in contrast to the thugs in Berkut, who are specially cultivated by yanusvoloch and the Bolshevik Regionnaire sovok mafia banda.

    Berkut is a different matter.

    The Bolshevik Regionaires have also been relying on titushky, so they can claim they “don’t know who these people are” and “they will investigate.”

  3. Ed K

    Andrii and Elmer,

    Good to see both of your posts. Nice to know you are not under bus.

    I read of protest in Rivne, too.

    Maybe time for all to go to Bukoval for weekend?

    Instead of using energies in Kiev, Ukrainians might
    try educating folks in all parts of Ukraine to vote best
    way for Ukraine in next general elections.

    Simple math. Each protester to get 10 voters to
    vote next election, yes?

    1. Andrii

      Dear Ed,

      It’s not only Rivne. In Lviv, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky administration buildings are occupied by people. Big protests in Sumy, Lutsk, Chernivtsy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Cherkasy and even Donetsk! Now I feel ashamed not being in Kyiv. I was there three times in December but now I’m in Lviv. I participate in military base blockade. Soldiers of internal forces received order to go to Kyiv. But people blocking gates make them stay home. I also print posters and donate money to protesters. Maybe I would go to Kyiv on Saturday.
      Please, watch this video from Cherkasy – heart of Ukraine. Those people make me feel proud of Ukrainians

  4. Ed K


    No need to prove who you are. Stay out of harms way
    and out of gunshot.

    You do greater good for cause by conveying information.
    Again, you do greater good by telling world what
    is going on!

    Also, look for way to access satellite internet in event
    Yanukovich shuts down internet access.

    Andrii, consider establishing place across border in Poland
    and way to communicate if situation needs way. Think ahead.
    Anticipate Yanukovich counter tactics. Commit thoughts to
    paper and pencil. Documentation is important. And give
    copies to others in case…

    Communications and information are more important than
    you freezing your butts on streets of Kiev.

    Rather think how to persuade others when it comes
    time to vote!


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