Brothers my ass

brothers my ass. :)

Ukraine is a very strong culture trying to create a state to protect itself. For centuries, it existed politically only as a series of rebellions. It survived even the extermination of up to 25% of all Ukrainians during Soviet times. We will survive this too.

Russia is the opposite. It’s a state searching for a culture. Muscovites were a finno-ugric people. Not even slavs. Their first conquest, Novgorod, were slavs, but they were not. “Russian” is the name given by czar Peter I to all the disparate people he conquered. They include Asians, Turkik people, Slavs and Finno-ugrics. They are a fake people held together only by gunpoint and a culture of corruption.

I’d be more worried about Russia’s history problem, and culture problem, than about Ukraine’s political problem.

During Soviet times, there was an expression: if you beat a Polish person long enough, he becomes Russian. This is how they regard all their neighbors. It’s not sustainable.

People don’t do well in captivity. The east will become Asian. The south, Muslim. It’s core – Moscow, St Petersburg – will hopefully reinvent cultural Russia once political Russia implodes. Until then, their identity revolves around war and conquest to the detriment of everything else.