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Mad Dog Mattis groks Russia!


* Russians see western law-abidingness as an exploitable weakness.

* They function by making threats, and getting others to back down.

* They consider democracy and prosperity on their boarders to be a threat.

* They try to secure themselves by sowing chaos and instability.

* Rampant alcoholism and abortion-as-birthcontrol – they’re already off the demographic cliff. (In sharp constrast to all the “traditionalist brotherhood” propaganda.)

* Most jihadists of any non-Middle East country.

* Real possibility of fracturing. (As was also concluded by Stratfor.)

* They’ve threatened Nuclear War against the US (and Poland and others).

Poland was banned from 1946 WW2 Victory Parade to appease Stalin

In the 1946 London victory parade that commemorated the victorious allies against Nazi Germany, Polish forces, who were the first and one of the most important allies in the war against Hitler and Germany, were forbidden to participate and the Polish flag was removed because the western allies did not want to annoy Russia and to remind everyone how they betrayed Poland at tne end of WW2 and sold it to Stalin.

Very disappointing news from last week. Anti-corruption figure Saakashvili has stepped down.

Mikhail Saakashvili, the former Georgian president who became governor of Ukraine’s Odessa region, announced Monday that he is resigning in frustration at what he characterized as obstruction in efforts to root out corruption.

Saakashvili was appointed governor of the corruption-riddled Black Sea region in May 2015 by President Petro Poroshenko. But in his resignation announcement in Odessa, Saakashvili accused Poroshenko of supporting the criminal clans in Odessa.

Saakashvili announced his resignation in a video posted on his Facebook page, saying he felt “cheated and tired.”

“We are witnessing retrograde forces attacking everything progressive,” he said. “We are seeing all new beginnings being nipped in the bud.”

Marlene Laruelle — How Islam Will Change Russia

Russia is becoming increasingly a Muslim country. Out of a total population of over 146 million (including two million in annexed Crimea), it counts about 15 million people of Muslim background—even if not all are believers and even fewer practice Islam. Given forthcoming demographic changes, by around 2050 Muslims will represent between one third (according to the most conservative estimates) and one half (according to the most ‘alarmist’ assessments) of the Russian population. This ‘Islamization’ of Russia—not in the sense of radical Islam but of a rising number of citizens self-referring to Islam—will impact both Russia’s domestic situation and its foreign policy options in the medium and long term. Islam’s growing importance in Russia will shape the future of the country in at least five main directions: the overall demographic balance of the country; the strategy of ‘normalizing’ the regions of the North Caucasus; Russia’s migration policy; Russia’s positioning on the international scene; and the transformation of Russian national identity.

I’d like to welcome into the world, Danylo Skaskiw Romanovych.

I’d like to welcome into the world, Danylo Skaskiw Romanovych.

Thanks for all the good wishes.


Everybody is healthy and happy. Yulia and I are delighted.

After about two hours of contractions, delivery took just an hour, surprising the nurses who initially thought it was too early to call the doctor. Yulia said about delivery the same thing she said about pregnancy — much, much easier than expected.

Danylo seems calm and narrowly focused on his work of sleeping and eating. He doesn’t cry much, and has yet to do so for more than a couple minutes. He’s also able to sleep through conversations being held right beside him, which seems like a good life skill.

Random Observations:

Medicine, and especially prenatal medicine, is largely the practice of trading very small risks for even smaller ones. Mothers exercising their imagination can feel enormous stress. I found myself often reassuring my better half that it’s really hard to get many decisions wrong, because everything will almost certainly be fine either way.

I like when doctors demonstrate the limits of their understanding. You know it’s a good conversation when they don’t shy from explaining their level of certainly. In the US, I’m pretty good at getting doctors to talk to me this way, like scientists. In Ukraine, they are generally more authoritarian. For one thing, I’m less fluent, and worse at signalling my capacity for understanding. For another, there’s a lingering authoritarianism in post-Soviet societies. Certainty remains a popular way to signal authority.

We are quite pleased with Kyiv’s Isida Medical Clinic, where I encountered only a little bit of what I mention above. I can imagine American clinics being more refined, but Isida was very professional, clean, friendly, and deferent to our needs.

Today (day 5) Yulia trimmed Danylo’s nails and took off his mittens. Within an hour and a half we could see a remarkable improvement in his dexterity. It was really cool.

Yulia says he sleeps exactly like I do, and took a picture to prove it. I don’t see it.

We bought an array of chairs, bed, and strollers, but so far, the thing we use most often is a cardboard box that Yulia, fearing for his reputation, painted and sewed with cloth and lace.

From what I understand, getting US citizenship is a simple matter done through the US embassy. Should I wait until after the presidential election?