1. Zenon Zawada

    What such surveys never take into account is:
    A.Requirements by Western governments on entrepreneurs hiring and firing members of preferred and protected social groups
    B.Requirements and restrictions by Western governments on who certain people (usually whites Christians) can select as a business partner, business client, tenant (i. e. freedom of association)
    C.Restrictions by Western governments on speech (to prevent uncomfortable, embarrassing truths from being exposed)
    When taking these factors into account, such countries like Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom easily fall out of the top 10.

      1. Beaureard

        These comments illustrate why internet is target of
        Marxist, or what is called bureaucracy.

        For those interested in USA politics here are some comments:

        Trump and the zman

        Then I heard him on the radio talking with Howie Carr. For those unfamiliar with Howie Carr, he is a local Boston talker who has been around forever. He’s a cynical old newspaper guy who does not take a lot of guff from anyone. He hounded the Bulger family as a reporter when Whitey Bulger was loose and killing people with the protection of the FBI, so he is not afraid to give guys like Trump the business.

        If you listen to the interview, Trump is not quite as clownish as usual so he may be serious about running. He did not say anything that struck me as smart or clever, but he handled the questions in a more honest way that you typically hear from politicians. His answer to why he gave money to Democrats was actually pretty funny. Without saying it, he made clear that you have to bribe these guys to get them off your back.

        The thing that kept coming to mind was that Trump actually sounds like a normal person compared to the average politician. I was somewhat blown away by the realization that a bullshitter like Trump is more authentic than the most down to earth politicians. Carr later made the point that Trump gave a speech he did not even bother to write down before giving it. Jeb Bush had a team of fifty that spend months writing his speech


  2. Beauregard

    —“I can’t imagine why Americans relate to Trumps open hostility toward the media and other politicians.”—

    It was posted —“I can’t imagine why Americans relate to Trumps
    open hostility toward the media and other politicians.”—

    It is easy to understand. Trumps comments are not agenda driven
    nor choreographed.

    He speaks extemporaneously. Not from researched position papers.

    Conservatives understand he is not conservative. Those who believe in
    Austrian School economics recognize he is not one of them.

    People, that is common people understand the above and recognize
    his outspokenness drives the media and American Oligarchs crazy. That
    is his attraction, old fashion freedom of speech, yes?

    He is guy sitting next to them at the bar. Or on the bench. Or on the
    street corner.

    The Donald is a fellow American.


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