3 thoughts on “CIA released surveillance and other notes they kept on Ukrainian diaspora

    1. Beauregard

      When reading this PDF, it is important to know its accuracy
      is open ended. Much is based on hearsay. And the KGB
      was very adept at negative propaganda. So how much is
      of Soviet origin?

      And even biased or fellow traveler analyst in CIA?

      I suspect that most who had real knowledge did not say or
      document much.

      I have a 2nd cousin whose uncle was involved and escaped to
      USA because relatives in USA worked with American Red
      Cross to bring him here. He did not divulge much of what he
      knew even to his uncles in USA.

      The real and whole truth will never be known. And Russian
      disinformation will continue. And FSB [KGB] is known even
      today to kill enemies of Russia.

      So, read such with great skepticism.

  1. Walt

    Yes it’s a mixed bag of historical review. The CIA file states that when Bandera was arrested and sent to A German prison he retained, until his end, far right wing views and the UPA members who stayed and fought in Ukraine modified their views to be more inclusive. This is an incomplete statement, because,, {aside from the Soviet Russian atrocities and propaganda), althought the CIA report acknowledges that some parts of UPA in Ukraine progressed in their views, there were groups within the UPA , ( in Ukraine), who’s views and actions went beyond what Bandera would have likely ordered and did kill civilians, I know one of my relatives was a killed, and one worked for UPA, also killed, likely by the Soviets though.


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