Collection of information about Holodomor

Leon Trotsky, a man with his own taste for revolutionary violence, commented in 1939:

“Nowhere did restrictions, purges, repressions and in general all forms of bureaucratic hooliganism assume such a murderous sweep as they did in Ukraine in the struggle against the powerful, deeply-rooted longings of the Ukrainian masses for greater freedom and independence.”

3 thoughts on “Collection of information about Holodomor

  1. walt

    Here is here is a great comment by a viewer of above video,

    Daniil Pleskach

    As a young Russian teen who grew up in Moscow and being taught that the state is great, the state is patriotic, the state is kind, you can not deny the state. I was even brainwashed into thinking of the greatness of Stalin and how much of a hero he was blah blah blah. The Russians have no base for freedom like the new world does, no perception of it what so ever. Recently I had my eyes opened to freedom and the horror the motherland did to its own people and how naive they are towards the state and it really is something absolutely disturbing and hard to come out of that brainwashed mindset. Unfortunately I still have a little bit of that left in my brain and I just want to blindly support Putin like my father( a brainwashed Bolshevik). That is the effect of brainwashing unfortunately your mind is taught to love your government way to much, however you do only get one mother, one father, and one country but it does not mean blind obedience. I am very glad to be currently living in Canada today to be able to be open to information like this, and I encouraging all of you where ever you are from to never trust those people in the media and the politician themselves and come out of that bubble to be a truly free-minded individual. 


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