Collection of Stories about Soviet/Russian moles in Western media & politics

Boris Kagarlitsky – ties with British leftists:


The Famous Yuri Bezmenov “Deception was my job” interview:

20:00 – importance of not being afraid
32:30 – disdain for the “useful idiots”
42:00 – reluctance of journalists to believe truth
46:00 – staged wedding for media purposes
49:30 – useful idiots
50:00 – KGB interest in Maharishi
53:00 – demoralization
54:30 – list of opinion makers
57:40 – Focus on Conservatives and crooks
1:01:00 – grass roots revolution
1:17:30 – ideological subversion / active measures
– changing reality 1. demoralization (a generation) 2. destabalization (2-5 years) 3. crisis (6 weeks) 4 .Normalization (indefinitely)
1:18:20 – stop supporting communism w grain deals, etc.


The Far-Right Hungarian Lawmaker and the Three-Decade ‘KGB Honey Trap’:


More on Putin’s influence in Hungary:


Detailed Study of Putin’s influence over the far right:


The Kremlin’s ties to the European far right:’s-marriage-of-convenience-with-european-far-right


Active Measures Interview:

3:30 getting local journalists to say what you need
7:20 more on use of local journalists
1945 use of rumors


An interview with Lt. Gen. Ion Pacepa, the highest ranking Soviet bloc intel officer to ever defect:

The very idea that the Soviet Union was defeated is disinformation in itself. The Soviet Union changed its name and dropped its façade of Marxism, but it remained the same samoderzhaviye, the historical Russian form of autocracy in which a tsar is running the country with the help of his political police.

During the Soviet Union, the KGB was a state within the state. Now the KGB is the state. Over 6,000 former KGB officers are running Russia’s federal and local governments. The Soviet Union had one KGB officer for every 428 citizens. In 2004, Russia had one FSB officer for every 297 citizens. . . . Russia today is the first intelligence dictatorship in history. It is a brand new form of totalitarianism, which we are not yet familiar with.


Putin’s Espionage Offensive Against France:

One thought on “Collection of Stories about Soviet/Russian moles in Western media & politics

  1. walt

    Great list of links, I watched many of them years ago.

    Here is a great quote from John Schindler of 20 commitiee on his twitter feed,

    “If you think your Western society is hopelessly repressive, sexist, racist, etc & doesn’t need defending – don’t worry, it won’t be defended”

    Many if not most, libertarians, as I’ve said before, have been affected by inflitration.

    See his many interesting insights in the rest of his twitter feed.


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