3 thoughts on “Crimea Referendum Ballots Marked (?)

  1. George

    Those check-marks in the photo appear to be INSTRUCTIONS on how to vote, NOT who or what to vote for! Most elections have such instructions. In this case is appears to be on the wrapping paper not on actually ballets. It really does not look as you suggest, pre-marked ballots for a rigged election – lets not play that card here unless there’s irrefutable evidence, not just some fuzzy UFO type pictures.

    1. Ed K


      Let us not pretend that this vote is not rigged. Tatars have been
      intimidated from voting. And ethnic Russians have be lied to via
      propaganda. That is telling lie over and over again.

      The only question here is whether ethnic Russians want to be old
      time Soviet slaves.

      Understand that Putin’s propaganda machine has been spewing
      lies about Ukrainians being fascist. Understand that many know
      the evil of the Soviets and their successors the Putin Russians.

      Men are seduced by evil. Yanukovich has been demonstrated to
      be evil, dishonest and wrong.

      Grasp that Putin is the same. Putin is reincarnation of Hitler!

      Because people speak a language is not valid reason to annex them!

      This is history repeating:

      Sudeten crisis of 1938

      “The Sudeten crisis began in February 1938 when Hitler demanded
      self-determination for all Germans in Austria and Czechoslovakia.”

      Understand history, Putin is Hitler.

      ——————– // —————————–


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