Curt on Putin’s Equipment Raid into Ukraine


Russia ships in not 30 but 200 trucks, of supplies, resupplies, and arms, and ships back the heavy equipment from the arms factories. The reason Russia wanted eastern Ukraine is because that’s where Russian weapons technology is manufactured. So just as the soviets stole the german machinery and using it at home, the Russians are stealing what is really, their own machinery from Ukraine, to use at home.

We can see this a number of ways, but as far as I can tell, it means that they have no hope of holding onto the territory that they keep losing and soon Ukraine will have the ability to destroy the factories and equipment and at that point, Russia has no material incentive in the short term.

We have been saying for six months that they way to eliminate Russian pretexts was to just start off by destroying the factories, but without air power Ukraine cannot to it. Russia and Yanukovich conspired to weaken the Ukrainian military over the past few years, so badly that the impoverished country has to rebuild all from nothing – and the west is useless and nothing but a betrayer of promises.

Again, rather than destroying cities and displacing hundreds of thousands, and destroying all hope of Russian participation in world affairs until Putin dies, it would have been trivially simple to simply buy the east and the peninsula districts from Kiev. The rest of the country wants to get rid of them anyway. It’s the home of most of our scumbags.


3 thoughts on “Curt on Putin’s Equipment Raid into Ukraine

  1. Beauregard

    “A free market is private property protected
    by rule of law. It’s private production based
    on a profit incentive and free competition.”
    Kateryna Yushchenko

    It was said, ” the Russians are stealing what is
    really, their own machinery from Ukraine, to
    use at home.”

    Title to property is not obtained thru thief nor
    fraud nor corruption.

    So explain how it was Russian property?

    1. Roman

      It’s the guys with the guns who decide the definition of property. Believing otherwise is a comforting lie that leaves people crying like babies while they are looted.

      1. beauregard

        The point was that ‘Curt’ said the property was his to
        begin with. Not who used guns and subterfuge to take it.

        Yes, title to property is a western concept. But that
        does not say you have to say Genghis had title in first place.

        Just say Col. Putin just took it…


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