Curt on Putin’s Folly


–” the chances of Russia’s becoming a modern, civilised country, open to the world and respectful of its citizens, are diminishing with every outburst of war hysteria on Russian television.”– The Economist

I don’t know what “open to the world” means. And I probably disagree with whatever the author intends. But the fact is that it’s a profoundly corrupt government and its people live in relative poverty because of it.

I want ‘my tribe’ free. And Russians are part of my tribe. An insular Russia grossly protective of its citizens is a good thing for my tribe. An insular Russia that suppresses corruption is a good thing for my tribe. An insular non-democratyc, non-corrupt, economically prosperous Russia is good for the world.

But an expansionist, corrupt, economically cancerous Russia defeats every purpose.

Yes. I’m angry. I would love to live in Moscow to watch that country evolve. Now, with one absolutely absurd move, the opportunity is lost for all.

It was trivially easy to trade the renting of Crimea for discounted petroleum prices for Ukraine, with the extension of dual citizenship to all Crimeans who desired it, and dual citizenship for all Russian Ukrainians who desire it.

And the guy would have been a freaking hero.


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