1. walt

    Libertarian hypocrisy.

    “Snowden is a traitor who is endangering the life of every american and western citizen.”

    “So, #Snowden stole more DoD docs than actual #NSA docs. Because, you know, tyranny and civil rights and stuff. ”


    What say you, Roman?

    1. Roman

      Well, I love that he exposed the over reach of the NSA.

      I haven’t seen evidence that he put anyone in jeopardy, though I haven’t looked since this story first broke.

      1. walt

        Read Tom Nichols, RadioFreeTom link above, read John schindler’s twitter feed and 20 committee blog. Rand Paul wanted to shut down NSA, the Paul bots love Snowden. Do the Pauls work for America’s interest or ruSSia’s interest? Active measures never did stop when USSR stopped. Snowden stole millions of files DEFENSE RELATED !!!!!

        The left wing has traditionally weaken America, do you thing Snowden did not weaken America?

        The White House was hacked, the IRS was hacked, 4million federal employees past and present security profile was hacked. The security clearance does not just include fianancial and employement history but both professional and personal contacts past and present, travel itineraries past and present etc.

        Do you think foreign and domestic entities are not working against America?
        Do you think active measures was just for the left wing?

        1. Beauregard


          Great reply, I am ordinary guy and knew the NSA
          was watching digital traffic. I used to chide several
          in Ukraine who said too much on line. And grasp
          that it is not only NSA but Russia, China, et. al.

          Here is commentary:


          —————— // ———————-

          Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
          Albert Einstein

        2. Roman

          I agree that the left has weakened America, but no where have they done so more than in co-opting the bureaucracy and exempting it from the rule of law.

          I think the NSA is more of a threat to US citizens than to Russia.

          I’m aware of the 20 committee blog — very neo-con.

          1. walt

            Roman, you are either ignoring or are in deep denile that Snowden is a traitor. Likewise, you are reluctant to see that the libertarian movement is a fascist movement. They speak of liberty, but like communists, once in power, they will develope into a totalitarian system.

  2. walt

    OK, Roman in your linked article you revealed some left wing useful idiots , I, above, just revealed the idol of libertarian useful idiots.

    Now, check out this right wing, 30 year old magazine, that has many Catholic useful idiots for writers. I did a search for the word “Ukraine” and this is the list that showed up, mostly anti-Ukrainian.


    If you do a search for “ruSSia” you will get a pro russian list.

    Yes, ruSSian active measures got all sides covered, even conservative Catholics and I’m sure priests and pastors too.

      1. walt

        If you look at the authors name of these anti-Ukrainian articles you will find the main author to be Srdja Trifkovic. No doubt he plants pro kremlim stuff just like many other centers, like Ron Paul institute for peace etc. etc.

        Do you think America does not have foreign enemies?

  3. Beauregard

    I tried to post this earlier today, I guess it did not stick:

    John Herbst: Frankly, the Very Top of Your Elites Are Corrupt

    At the “Anti-corruption” panel of Symposium

    “Ukraine: Escape from Post-Soviet Legacy” held

    on April 24-26th, John Herbst, a former US

    ambassador to Ukraine, and now a head of the

    Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center at the Atlantic

    Council, an influential think tank, talked about

    corruption in Ukraine. In his view, corruption

    persists at the very top level of Ukrainian elites,

    who are used to the old ways of “doing business”.

    However, Ukrainian society, young reformers

    currently present in the Ukrainian government,

    and the Western “well-wishers” of Ukraine can

    form a powerful alliance able to defeat corruption

    in the country. You can view this speech.


    Corruption remains a substantial problem in

    Ukraine. There has been a little bit of progress

    over the past year, but only a little bit – and very

    slow. In most circumstances, I would say, it is

    normal, not surprising, to see very slow progress.

    The alternative is a revolution or something akin

    to it.

    ================ // ================


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