Did the Kremlin Help Trump

Did the Kremlin help Trump?
(question from an aquaintence)

I have no idea if they helped or not. But they did a lot of “branding” of themselves as allies. This branding would have been a great tool if Trump had lost — especially if he lost with some controversy. Russia has been allying with political opposition groups for centuries — since before Soviet Time’s (read Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent). It’s what they do and they’re shockingly good at it.

But Trump didn’t lose. He won. Now this branding may hit the brickwall of geo-political reality.

The Kremlin’s priorities are:
1. Convince the Russian public that they are part of a strong country with a strong leader.
2. (related) Participate on the world stage as a superpower with a sphere of influence.

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  1. Beauregard

    Putin’s Way of War

    In America and Ukraine, Russian intelligence used
    the same fundamental weapon: Our human weakness.
    By MATT TAIT December 23, 2016

    This week, cybersecurity researchers produced compelling
    new evidence linking Russia’s GRU military intelligence
    service to the hacks of Democrats during the 2016 campaign.

    The findings, released in an 11-page report by the firm


    showed that the same group of hackers
    who broke into the Democratic National Committee
    and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s inbox
    had also backdoored a mobile app used by Ukrainian
    soldiers to target artillery, with devastating res


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