Donald Trump is Finished

This is a clue why I had so many unproductive correspondences with people who couldn’t reconcile my support of Trump and my being in Ukraine. These very official looking script-readers repeat the same phrases for years and create illusions of consensus where none exist.


Even better compilation, with some of the same content, here:

One thought on “Donald Trump is Finished

  1. elmer

    that is a hoot!!!!! every week, every day, a new “story” – “this will finally bring down Trump”

    they even brought in the Creepy Porn Lawyer, and he became part of the Creepy Porn Gang in trying to torpedo Kavanuagh’s nomination for the Supreme Court

    Stormy Who lost her defamation case against Trump – and has been ordered to pay the attorney fees of Trump’s lawyers, in accordance with Texas law; the Creepy Porn Lawyer has done a lot of harm to the legal profession (which is hard to believe) – and a lot of harm to his client (I’ll provide the link to the legal opinion if anyone’s interested)

    Stormy had to do a lot of pole dances to pay the Creepy Porn Lawyer.

    And she had a GoFundMe page – now the funds have to be used to pay Trump’s lawyers.

    a delicious irony.

    Creepy Porn Lawyer has announced he is running for president

    hard to believe that these media idiots would not only rely on Creepy Porn Lawyer, but also include him in their relentless campaign to bring down Trump.

    Hard to believe that Ukrainians would fall for all the BS that these jokers are peddling against Trump


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