7 thoughts on “Dr. Oleh Soskin on the Revolution (Russian)

  1. Andrii

    So, Dr. Soskin gave his long interview that was published on November, 26 before that bloody attack on students protesters. Dr. Soskin predicted possibility of such events and what would come after.
    He seems to be one of most respected commentators of current situation.
    So, this shorter commentary launched online on December, 2. Dr. Soskin analyses huge riots on Sunday and the start of permanent camp-protest on Maidan.
    Dr. Soskin tries to construct the legitimate way of overthrowing Ukrainian government and Yanukovych. He shows possible juridical mechanisms to the demission of government and the president after that.
    Unfortunately,today it looks like the opposition leaders have already lost the chance Dr. Soskin recommends – to find 226 votes for government demission and then challenge the legitimacy of president Yanukovych.
    Now, there is only one way, Dr. Soskin mentions it and characterizes as unwished. It is the escalation of conflict on streets and emergence of new revolution leaders.
    I would add the third possible way – revolution slowly fades down and then government starts political repressions against leaders and activists.

  2. Andrii

    Still we all have chance of total inflation and collapse of Ukrainian economy in February. Dr. Soskin speaks a lot about that in his first interview

    Headline: “Putin won’t give any money to Yanukovych”

    1. Ed K


      Thank you.

      In case of extreme violence, do you have exit plan sketched out?

      Lviv is close to borders. Elmer might have more difficult time.

      No real need to participate in Holodomor Two.

      If you choose to fight, Roman knows my friend who knows
      how things were organized when Soviets and KGB were in

      May be time to buy him a cup of coffee and learn from former

      For years I joked to those who I communicated that NSA,
      Russian KGB, and Ukrainian KGB all read our emails. Keep
      that in mind.

  3. Ed K

    the truth will make us free!

    Dr. Soskin is more than “He’s an old acquaintence of mine.”

    How quickly you forget obligations. He was more
    than acquaintance, yes?


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