Dutch investigation releases MH-17 Report

Here it is, though it’s been completely obvious from the beginning to anyone paying close attention. The Russians CLAIMED CREDIT for shooting down the aircraft, and then quickly changed their story after discovering it was a civilian plane. They’ve offered at least a half dozen contradictory explanations and theories.

See MH-17 stories & links.

8 thoughts on “Dutch investigation releases MH-17 Report

  1. walt

    CNN reported;
    Several Western nations and the Ukrainian government have accused pro-Russia separatists operating in the region of shooting down the plane with a missile.

    Rebel leaders and the Russian government have repeatedly disputed those allegations, and have suggested instead that Ukrainian forces shot the plane down with either a surface-to-air missile or one of their own fighter jets….. Olga Pavlova contributed to this report.

    Olga Pavlova doesn’t sound like an American name

    Also, check out a CNN video on this following link, It is not the first, leading video, it is a bit down and in a small screen. CNN says they are looking at another opinion and introduce Anton Fedyashin who agrees that the missal was ruSSian made but, but but…..

    But Anton Fedyashi doesn’t sound American either.

    Roman do you think that CNN would ever have a Ukrainian like yourself on it’s program?

    1. walt

      a Trump quote from the above link;
      “It’s a long ways away. We have to get back to making America great again,” he said. “It’s terrible, but we really probably won’t know for sure. And you’ll probably never find out. There are only a few people that know. And you know one of them could be (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, frankly, and we know one thing: He’s not going to be talking about it.”

      The Republican presidential front-runner’s remarks seem to bolster the Russian line of response to the report, which was released on Tuesday, and previous accusations that the government could have been involved in the missile launch.

      Seems CNN and Trump see eye to eye and with isolationism everything will be just fine, really Trump definitely thinks so.

  2. Beauregard

    Walt read all of Trumps comments. Remember he does not use scripts nor
    analysis papers.

    Understand that he is not a Conservative nor Austrian Economic School.

    In his rambling he said, “Trump later said the culprit was “probably” Russia
    and pro-Russian fighters, but he said the U.S. needs to focus on its own
    problems right now and not “get involved” in overseas conflicts, even one
    as “horrible” as this.”

    He did not follow details and follow up of this incident as you did. He has
    businesses to be CEO of. He is up to his ass in alligators every day. It is
    obvious he does not believe the media. So, he challenges all the reports,
    where ever the source.

    Consider that trait is how he got where he is?

    1. Roman

      ^^ Yes. I agree with B. The quote is taken out of context. His message is that the US should focus on domestic policy.

        1. Roman

          Private mercenaries in the fight against tyranny are good, but militias are better. You don’t feel (and act) as the owner of your society until you’ve risked your life for it.


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