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  1. Ed K


    So what is your website? Just so I am not confused.
    I thought that Elmer or Taras were just internet names
    bouncing around. You know just to confuse CIA…

    Are you saying Elmer is Elmer; Taras is Terry and
    Elmer is also Taras?

    Understand that Roman has a couple of followers on
    this side of the pond and you guys need to keep
    Roman walking a straight path so that we know
    what is what.

    Remember we are not the wizards in understanding
    slight of hand and slick words. You need to communicate in
    comptete sentences and thoughts of a very basic nature.

    Oh! and in English. While many of us are of Ukrainian
    heritage, most did not have benefit of Roman’s special
    education at St. George’s.

    Ed K
    —————- // ———–

    Notice the following was written in English:

    Understanding Geniuses by Michael Michalko

    Geniuses think productively, reproductively,
    they ask “How many different ways can I
    look at it?”, and “How many different ways
    can I solve it?” They tend to come up with
    many different responses, some of which are
    unconventional and possibly unique. –
    Michael Michalko

  2. elmer

    I don’t have a web site.

    Taras, a real person, with a real name, has the web sites which are posted above.

    He lists his real name on his web site – Taras, which translates to Terry.

    I, elmer, am not the same person as Taras.

    I have posted comments on Taras’ web site.


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