Far Right (and a few far left) European MPs who Voted against condemning Russia #nationalist

On 10 June 2015, the European Parliament adopted a resolution “on the state of EU-Russia relations”. It is a strong resolution that condemns the illegal annexation of Crimea and Russia’s war against Ukraine, as well as reminding that Russia is “directly or indirectly, involved in a number of ‘frozen conflicts’ in its neighbourhood – in Transnistria, South Ossetia, Abkhasia and Nagorno Karabakh”.



  1. Beauregard


    It is nice to see you are still around.

    You refer to this guy as far right. I question categorizing
    his racial concepts as right philosophically. His view would
    parallel Hitler’s views. Contrary to American media, Hitler
    was a Marxist or what we call leftist. This guys opinions
    also match those of political left in USA during the 1920’s
    and 1930’s, if you read history. Read about those who
    espoused eugenics.

    However, you will not get a fair evaluation of his views
    because of the volatile nature of them. How much his numbers
    are caused by government causing dissolution of poor families?

    The destruction of families is not right wing rather caused by
    left wing government policies.

    So who is to find out the validity of the numbers he has throw out?

  2. walt

    Beauregard ,
    I agree with your assesment. Also like Hitler’s character, Jared shows deference to ruSSia, but unlike Hitler, Jared is not likely to later attack russia. Russia’s totalitarian views are more compatipble to his than others. But he doesn’t see that multi-culturalizm is a totalitarian imposition significantly pushed by russian communists.

    Your question may be rhetorical, (So who is to find out the validity of the numbers he has throw out?), but his numbers are likely correct and you are right, that left wing goverment policies helped form those numbers. Genetics and race may play a role, but we can not change that, character and culture we can change, and the left wing policies changed them for the worse.


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