EU prohibits Ukraine from importing old cars

It is prohibited now to import more than 5 years old vehicles from EU to Ukraine
according to EU assosiation agreement.

I think they’re saving the whales or something.

One thought on “EU prohibits Ukraine from importing old cars

  1. elmer

    A long time ago, Putler banned the import of Japanese cars on the pretext of “protecting the Rashan automobile industry” – such as it is, and quite funny, considering all of the Kremlinoid sovok mafia thugs have money and drive Bentleys, Mercedes, Rolls Royces Porches, etc. – no crap cars for them.

    Well, people in far east Rasha depended for their livelihoods on importing used Japanese cars, which have their steering wheels on the right hand side.

    So they protested – and that is the first time I saw the neologism “Putler”

    There were other signs and placards as well.

    In response, Putler squished the demonstrations.

    You can find the link – and the sign – on the La Russophobe blog, which is excellent, and morphed into the Dying Russia blog.

    But I would hardly equate the EU and Putler.


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