Explicit targeting of Jews by OUN and UPA

This historian is in conflict with other parts of the Ukrainian community. In this interview, he outlines the evidence of OUN and UPA explicitly killing Jews, advocating their displacement, and rounding them up on behalf of the Nazis.

OUN/UPA viewed Russian and Poles as their main enemy, but believed Jews were also against a Ukrainian state, and in some cases sympathetic to the Soviets.

I would be curious to look for evidence of the reasoning behind these decisions. Was there an association between the Communism, the Red Terror and Holodomor on one hand, and Ukraine’s Jewish community on the other. This association certainly exists in today’s far-right communities. Is this a recent invention, or was it palpable then?

I’ve heard elsewhere that some UPA leaders made a distinction between religious Ukrainian Jews who weren’t communism, and secular Russian Jews who were fervently Communist.

5 thoughts on “Explicit targeting of Jews by OUN and UPA

  1. Daria Jmill

    I understand that Jews who were with whoever was in power against Ukrainian independence, whether Russia on the east or Poland on the west worked on the side of enemies of Ukrainian independence and that was the source of conflict between Jews and Ukrainian nationalists. That is how it was explained to me by an eyewitness who is no longer alive.

  2. elmer

    I would not refer to Himka as a “historian.” A very telling item – he spends quite a bit of time playing the victim, and whining about how he is a “victim.” Again – he’s got nothing useful.


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