(From November) Looking for foreigners to work in Ukraine’s gov’t

Prague-based Pedersen & Partners and Korn Ferry, global head hunting firms, have found 185 potential employees, many of whom are members of Ukrainian community in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. . . .

The Renaissance Foundation, a global network of policy consulting centers launched by American billionaire George Soros, has sponsored the headhunting process. It paid as much as $82,200 to two companies involved in finding the capable employees for the government agencies.


Wikipedia: The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) (Ukrainian: Міжнародний фонд “Відродження”) is a Ukrainian NGO founded by George Soros.

Suspicious about that last part, because George Soros does not seem like a force for good in the world, though being close to the events in Ukraine, I think it’s okay. I think he is primarily concerned with the threat the Russia poses to Jews and to everyone else.

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  1. beauregard

    Maybe he feels guilty about his family’s role in Hungary during WWII?

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    What is courage? By Noemie Emery


    Excerpt: What is courage? In Valor, his book of
    the tales of grace under pressure that have been
    ignored, suppressed and largely omitted from
    the recognized history of the wars in Iraq and
    Afghanistan by a press that prefers to focus on
    traitors and victims, Washington lawyer Mark Lee
    Greenblatt hits on a number of things: an innate
    or learned ability to be calm under fire; the impact
    of training, which builds in some responses until
    some reactions become automatic; and a sense of
    attachment to cause and to comrades that crowds
    out all concerns for the self. “If you reflect on the
    anecdotes of anyone who has faced death and lived
    to tell you about it, there is almost a universal
    response,” a psychiatrist told Greenblatt. “They did
    what they had to do. They never felt it was heroic,
    and never even felt it was a choice.”


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