Great commentary on Ukrainian vs Western perspectives on War with Russia

1/ Interesting to see West. journalists and Pres Zelensky not understanding each other. Tension btw the Western mind that seeks a “single truth”, e.g. mass invasion in X days (and if not, loss of interest, confusion). And Ukrainian experience of permanent war and threat of war.

2/ Zelensky is asking for money bc RU war against UA is also a permanent economic war, a war of destabilisation, internal subversion, political manipulation – plus cyber-attacks, sabotage attacks, actual combat in Donbas, provocations on LOC…

3/ Plus recurrent threats of Blitzkrieg style invasion, and note, this was also the case in 2014, and it is again now. Every time, it could be invasion. Every time, it could be a coup. And all the time, the Kremlin’s goal is permanently to bully and undermine and coerce…

4/ Nord Stream 2 is part of the war against Ukraine. Dishonest Normandy negotiations are part of the war against Ukraine. Frightening off investors, and now diplomats, is part of the war against Ukraine.

5/ Frightening off Western govts from advancing NATO/EU talks is part of the war against Ukraine. Frightening off Western govts from sending weapons to Ukraine is part of the war against Ukraine.

6/ While Zelensky doesn’t always express himself in ways that the Western mind can understand, he is in essence explaining this reality of permanent war and coercion that, yes, could be full-blown invasion tomorrow, or next month, or much later, or never.

7/ The real takeaway for those who would help Ukraine is to understand this reality and how to respond to it, which is to adopt a permanent opposition to Kremlin goals on every front, civilian and military, and every slice of “grey zone” in between.

8/ Hard for Westerners to understand and accept, but this means there is no brighter future to look forward to, there is no sunlit upland to get to after going through a rough patch with the Kremlin, the opposition is permanent, and the conflict is permanent, already now.

9/ Deep down we ought to know this – think of election interference, military threats, assassinations on our soil, deliberate deception and manipulation on the part of Russian officials, permanent espionage.

10/ And yet we keep on expecting some magical moment, some clarity, maybe some catharsis even. But that is not the way of the Chekist Regime. Expect no fixed point, always expect a sliding scale of ambitions and full-spectrum violence.

11/ But we do need a new strategy, some kind of containment goal, backed up by a strong military posture, and by a full spectrum of tools of pre-emption, resilience, leverage, deterrence, defence, and punishment, in all areas of activity, civilian and military. END.