6 thoughts on “Guardian moderators, who deal with 40,000 comments a day, believe there is an orchestrated pro-Kremlin trolling campaign.

  1. walt

    We used to have an “Active Measures” campaign, started by Reagan. Nixon, just like sophisticated democrats thought Detante / Diplomacy will work. Reagon was the first and only president to figure out every agreement russia made, it broke. We’ve got a poodel in the white house being flexible with putin while all of us flex over and get it.

    The person at Catcher in the Lie knows who have to be like your enemy. It is the responsibility of bloggers and readesr to spread the word, because our white house lives in the 21st century and the world does not.

  2. walt

    A qoute from a prior Ed’s link on fascisim,

    ‘Chamberlain decided that Hitler was ‘a man who can be relied upon’…
    then …. ” we will have peace in our time”

    Obama decided ” he can be flexible after the election”.
    That’s why he got the Nobel peace prize

    Anytime someone mentions peace we get war or kremlin infiltrators or both.

    Sarah Palin. John Macain, Ronald Reagon were not flexible.

  3. Ed K

    Gee Walt, someone actually reads my stuff?

    What part of Philly are you from?

    I have relative up in Bucks County who thinks like me.

    Maybe you should buy him a Sarsaparilla?


    Understanding the costs of freedom

    Each year when Christmas comes around again,
    I pause on Christmas Eve to take a dram
    Of whisky, and I think of absent friends,
    And Christmas in a place called Vietnam.

    I think of boys who never had the chance
    To see their kids on Christmas Eve at play,
    Their lives were spent that freedom might advance,
    From Valley Forge right up through yesterday.

    They fell at Belleau Wood and Normandy,
    At Gettysburg, at Iwo and at Hue,
    They gave their lives to keep our people free,
    And never saw another Christmas Day.

    So take a moment from your festive joys,
    To think of soldiers who were young and true,
    And say a prayer on Christmas Eve for boys
    Who gave up all their Christmases for you.

    Robert Hall

    1. walt

      Great Poem, I usually don’t read poems because alot of them have aa complicated cadence.
      This one was simple and true.

      I am living a bit of a nomad lifestile, (no, I don’t drink, much). I live mostly in Lviv but have some health problems and might have to move back to the States, although I dread doing that during the hot humid summers. I lived in northeast Phillly. Lviv summers are similar to west coast sumers, like when I lived in Seattle, much less humidity and temperature than east coast.

    2. walt

      I forgot if you mentioned where you live, I’ve been reading Roman’s blog since around mid February, so don’t recall.

      1. Ed K


        I live/moved to hotbed of conservative thought, northwest South Carolina.

        30 miles from home of Trey Goudy who has made USA news lately. It took high level arm twisting to get him to run for reelection. He was really turned off by Washington ways.

        Roman passed about three miles from my house on his trip to
        Atlanta. You would have thought he would have be civil.
        Typical of non involved generation.

        Guess he does not like my comments on his literary
        non production.

        Now I am member of over the hill gang. For many years I left
        political area and involvement because of jobs hours.

        I have intentionally become non involved professionally and limited
        my political activity around other things.

        I used to think my Ukrainian roots were from near Lviv. I learned
        about 2 years ago that was only a way stop from some ancestors
        from the left bank. I have known relatives in Ternopil who while
        originally from 30 km from Lviv were repatriated to Lviv and

        I had a second cousin who was wounded at Brody… actually uncle
        to relatives in Ternopil today.

        I never paid attention to genealogy when I was Roman’s age. Mostly
        because I grew up disassociated from Ukrainian diaspora, unlike
        Roman and his association to St. Georges.

        I understood enough about economics to go elsewhere. But my
        analysis said Horace Greeley’s advice was not for me. I went
        south… But still in USA.

        It is ironic that my politics fit in locally…


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