Head of Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance – Volodymyr Viatrovych has been announced persona non grata in Poland

(News and analysis from, Andrii)

Polish media reported yesterday.

Officials keep silence but Polish minister of foreign affairs Blaschykowski made a skandal this week while visiting Lviv. He refused to enter museum Victims of Occupational Regimes: «Tyiurma na Lontskoho» (Prison at Lontskoho Street). There is a sign (plaque) on front wall where regime of 1918 – 1939 Polish state is among other occupational regimes.

Viatrovych supports that point of view and he also had suspended creation of new Polish memorials in Ukraine which are not agreed with Natioanl Unstitute of Remembrance

So, some Polish official call it “anti-Polish views”. Polish president Duda has asked Poroshenko not to appoint any officials who have anti-Polish views.

Viatrovych supports UPA, he also doesn’t agree with Polish narrative about Volyn massacres.

So, minister Blaschykowski says that Poland will make a list of Ukrainian persons non grata. Everyone who has views similar to Viatrovych’es can be there.


I think that all this is inspired by Polish internal politics. Blaschykowski and president Duda belong to Prawo i Spravedliwosc party (conservatives, nationalists). They try to keep high ratings and electorial support by manipulation with historical traumas.
Some Polish media even make headlines “Cold war with Ukraine”.

Our relationships with Hungary are getting worse too and reasons are the same there.
And Russia plays on that field too.

I would also say that Poland feels strong right now. And they try to transform into regional leader who tells neighbors what is right and what is wrong.

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