11 thoughts on “Here’s Protesters In Ukraine Attempting To Bulldoze The Police

  1. Ed K

    You still have not said where I should send soap
    box or portable pulpit?

    Have we lost Andriy?

    Just imagine Ukrainian winter without natural
    gas from Russia?

    The farmers in the country will be lucky, they
    can sleep with their horses, yes?

  2. Andrii

    Hi, Ed.

    I’m so touched that you worry about me. I’m fine. Today I have returned to Lviv but tomorrow will go to Kyiv again. The revolution has started and I believe it will succeed. There were a huge crowd on Sunday – about 300 000 people. The situation in Kyiv centre is peaceful but people are ready for police attacks.
    Some nationalists tried to over throw Lenin monument and I observed a brief conflict. But in 20 minuted of negotiations half of police platoon left the place and joined people. It was great.

  3. Ed K


    Stop in Ternopil and talk to my friend who participated
    in the escape from Soviets.

    Ask Roman for his name and phone #. He works during
    day so set up time to talk to him and hear how it worked
    the first time.

    Since you are so adamant, draw up plans how to deal
    with natural gas shutoff by Soviets and potential invasion…

    Revolution should wait until April so that so many will
    not freeze to death!

    Intelligence is rare gift from God. Too bad soviets
    either killed, starved or dispatched so many with brains…

    Riots in December? Think what happened to Napoleon.
    Read some old history. Do you know who Napoleon was?

    I can smell it now, Ukrainians sleeping with their
    horses to keep warm…

  4. Andrii

    Ed, we already had one successful revolution here in November-December – in 2004.
    The weather is alright – there is no cold and frosty days yet

  5. elmer


    Good for you!

    I have seen crowd estimates that put the crowd at 500,000 or maybe more.

    yanusvoloch and the zAraza government have got to go.

    And the system has to be changed to prevent his sovok mafia type kleptocracy from happening again.

    The final reforms – conditions for signing the Association Agreement – should be put in place, the the Association Agreement should be signed.

    It looks to me like yanusvoloch, Rybak zAraza, Yefremov and the rest of that banda are thinking up every excuse that they can to delay their fall from power, and to preserve the sovok mafia state.

    Ukrainians should not fall for their LIES any more.

    It is time that Zookraine finally became Ukraine.

    Go Ukraine!

  6. elmer


    Before you post, you should know what you are posting.

    The bulldozer incident was done by thugs in masks who are not affiliated with protesters.

    It was a deliberate stunt to try to justify the use of force against the peaceful protesters.

    Among others, Poroshenko has confirmed that the bastards in the bulldozer are not affiliated with any of the real protesters.

    It is typical for sovok mafia to use disinformation and distortion in Zookraine.

    PAY ATTENTION – the life of Ukraine is at stake and on the line.

  7. Ed K


    Thank you for the truth.

    Have you considered running for President of Ukraine?

    If you do just watch out what salad dressing you
    put on the tomatoes.

    Again, thank you for truth.

  8. elmer


    A while back, there was a case in which a few “athletically built” (that is the phrase they use in Zookraine) men were arrested for beating some people up. One of them was a guy named Titushko (Тітушко). It turns out that Titushko was operating at the behest of the Party of Regions, which is known to hire “athletically built” men to carry out assorted, ummm, tasks.

    Since that time, many “athletically built” men have shown up at various protests, wearing masks, and have engaged in various, umm, tasks, such as beating up journalists, or protesters, or others.

    They are now known as Titushky – plural of Titushko – Тітушки.

    Titushky have shown up in numbers at the protests – they wear ski masks, like the guys on the bulldozer.

    In Zookraine, there is no honesty or truth, or heart, or conscience, or morality, on the part of the sovok mafia thugs in power.

    That’s what the protesters are trying to change, students, older people, and opposition politicians alike.

    yanusvoloch and his banda of sovok mafia thugs need to do everyone a favor and drop dead, or resign.

    And the system needs to be changed so that Zookraine becomes Ukraine, and so that the sovok mafia state system is destroyed, and so that Ukraine has a true, open, free and independent democracy.

        1. elmer


          Andriy is absolutely right.

          In typical soviet style, they don’t even give soldiers live ammunition, for fear that they would turn on the thugs on power.

          Also, the typical sovok reaction to anyone who opposes the thug hooligans in power is to label them – hooligans.

          zAraza and Pshonka have already threatened the use of force – and extreme force has already been used, with the bloody and brutal beating of protesters and – journalists.




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