Holodomor Monument in Cherkasy Oblast


Цей пам’ятник зробив житель села Вікторівка, що на Черкащині. Він зібрав усі жорна з дворів, в яких всі померли під час голодомору. Влада не дозволила поставити його в селі, тому ця людина встановила його у себе в городі. До цього пам’ятника ніколи не заростала стежина і завжди лежать живі квіти. Прислала цю фотографію уродженка села Наталія Володіміровна Била

This monument was build by a villager from Viktorivka in Cherkasy. He collected all the millstones of households in which everybody died during the famine. The government doesn’t allow it in the village, so this man has set it in his garden. The path to this monument is never overgrown, and there are always fresh flowers. A lady from the village sent this photograph.

2 thoughts on “Holodomor Monument in Cherkasy Oblast

  1. Ed K

    My search for location of this town puts it central
    Ukraine on west side of Dnepro River.

    Over on the other side I wonder how many
    survivors there were.

    This monument is important to me because according
    to my distant cousins story the family orginated on the
    east bank about 50km from this village.

    Did any distant relatives survive? How many starved?
    How many were shot? How many sent to Siberia?

    My great, great grandfather made a good choice
    sending his son west.

    I wonder how he got from his ancestrial village to
    where I can track him, to where my grandfather was
    born? Rivers and roads do not run east to west in
    central Ukraine.

    Legend has it he had a small bag of belongings…

    Did he walk across central Ukraine? Did he first go
    north to Kiev, then to Lviv? How did a teenager do it?
    How did he do it without being arrested?

    I have tried to find that village on a map. No such
    village exist today. An old reference places it at a
    rural crossroads today.

    I suspect that it was a village obliterated by the Soviets.


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