One thought on “In past week, 16 people have been kidnapped in #Slavyansk & Gorlovka, 2 murdered, including pro-#Ukraine politician.

  1. walt

    Edwar Lucas tweeted the russian strategy for modern war, a conventional war is almost the last stage, probaganda, subversion 1st stages. A few stages later E M P attack.
    It is a series of over 10 tweets

    I hope you are getting prepared for shortages. Do you have two way radios, batteries, food. I don’t get a sense yet people are as filled with initiative as you think, maybe 5 % of the population is, of course the ukrainian people who still have ties to the village have some independence. But over the holdiays a very smart relative of mine said to another relative whats the point of planting your own potatoes when it is so easy to buy them. This was said in the middle of the topic of the day.


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