Incident with crypto exchange owner in Kyiv

Not sure whether to take this at face value. There may be layers and layers of BS to what ***appears*** to be a kidnapping.

Pavel Lerner, the owner of cryptocurrency exchange Exmo, was kidnapped in Ukraine this week.

A Russian citizen, Lerner is responsible for a variety of blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, including UK-based exchange Exmo. As originally reported by Ukrainian news site, Lerner first became unreachable on the 26th of December, and was reportedly dragged into a black Mercedes-Benz and abducted. He has not been heard from since.

Exmo is ranked 23rd by 24-hour volume with $94 million. . . .

While there is as of yet no evidence that the kidnapping will have any effect the experience of using Exmo, trusting funds to a centralized service always carries a certain level of inherent risk. Numerous exchanges have gone under over the years for a variety of reasons from insolvency to government closure, which have put user funds at risk.