Israeli Soliders Among the Protesters (?)

This is still a rumor, but I a representative from radical protest group “pravi sektor” said in an interview that Israeli soldiers helped a lot.

It will come out in this magazine:

Andriy Drozda: That’s the strongest argument against those in Western media who try to show Ukrainian protesters as anti-semitists. LOL!

2 thoughts on “Israeli Soliders Among the Protesters (?)

  1. Mary

    Given that oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, whose aim is to be given power by your presumptive EU masters to bleed your country dry, after the EU puts the Ukraine under it’s thumb, I wouldn’t be surprised Pinchuk paid for IDF soldiers to come in. He’s already making statements about the need to force 50,000,000 low wage Ukrainians to emigrate after his EU puppet takes power. Are you really so ignorant to think the EU is just some tool you can use for freedom? Under the EU, you will have no say, your laws will be made by unelected bureaucrats.. are you so blind that you haven’t read about what the EU has done in other countries? For goodness sake, remove your head from your backside and educate yourselves on reality. You are preparing to leap from the frying pan into the fir.

    1. Roman

      Mary, this has been over-reported. I’m writing the clarification now . . .


      There is fair anti-EU sentiment in Ukraine, even among the protesters. I hope Ukraine does NOT join the EU, but if it did, life would improve significantly. Absent from your analysis is the undeniable fact that the standard of living for post-Soviet countries who managed to join the EU (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) is vastly higher than in those who remained in the Russian sphere of influence (Ukraine, Belarus).

      EU > Russian Kleptocracy (but independence is best of all)


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