It’s a stretch to call Trump Pro-Putin

Walt — I’m aware of my possible bias, because I think we need Trump to slay the beast of Cultural Marxism that has it’s tentacles all of the United States, BUT the headlines about Trump and Putin are much worse that the reality of his comments. In the video, you linked, for example, he says he will not disavow a compliment just b/c it came from Putin, then he gives a hypothetical — “wouldn’t it be nice.”

I think it’s a stretch to call him pro-Putin.

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  1. Walt

    Yes, cultural Marxism is a horrible beast. Cultural Marxism was a plan of communists and of the Russian’s but unfortunately it is also a inate product of a modernism . Modernism has some wider defenitions, but I belive it is a belief in progress and in consumerism. One of the first major social changes of modernism is when the father started to work outside of the immediate household, as in the industrial revolution. We are now in a post-modern culture where not only progress and consumerism are the main values but there are no other traditional values, just anti- tradition or anti-conservative values, and of course in our age the mothers work outside the home. Childeren are raised without the father and the mother, nor even the extended family.
    Slaying this beast requires much more than attacking the result, that is, attacking political correctness, it would mean a major change in society. Parents not being at home and childeren raised on non-stop TV, the internet and fast food and an impulsive environment are growing up embracing cultural marxism.

    People still fock to the “Eagels of Death Metal” to here there song, “Kiss of the Devil”

    Here is an interesting article commenting on Poroshenkos visit to Munich and his apparent compatibility with post-modern culture;

    1. Beauregard


      Trump is very much lied about. Yes he is ruthless in deal making.
      However, if you take time to listen to his complete comments, you
      can say he is within reasonableness. Sometimes within the last year,
      a Boston radio host interview Trump. That commentator is known
      as no patsy, rather asks pointed questions. After interview the host
      said that Trump came across as typical or ordinary American.
      His answers were of American on main street not K street.

      The establishment either as national GOP or bureaucrats fear him
      and are doing everything they can to stop him.

      His beliefs do not appear to be conservative but acceptance of many
      modern liberal concepts. However, underneath is contempt for
      government control and spending. He just might be ruthless in cost

      His wearing of ball cap is telling people that he is of the Nascar group.
      The media fails to recognize that cap and the race car people. Or if they
      do, they dismiss the Nascar people as bumpkins.

  2. walt

    Roman, Beauregard , my response above was not not so much a comment about Trump as it was on the state of western society in general and the underliying problems which are seldom mentioned and even less likely to be resolved by one or a bunch of political elections. These problems combined with others causes people to seek magical solutions, a quick fix.

    Here is an interesting comment from Breitbart writer, Ben Shapiro;

    1. Roman

      It seems to be like a lot of Jewish commentators can’t get over the anti-neocon revolution that Trump represents, and will attack Trump not with arguments they actually believe, but because they fear him discontinuing blank-check support for Israel.

      Jewish conservative Paul Gottfried writes about this.

  3. walt

    “In short, Dugin’s Eurasianism is a satanic cult. This is the ideology behind the Putin regime’s “Eurasian Union” project. It is to this dark program, which threatens not only the prospects for freedom in Ukraine and Russia, but the peace of the world,…
    It is on behalf of this program that Dugin, with massive support from the Russian government, has organized a fascist international of European fringe parties, and on behalf of this program that the Quislings leading those parties are willing to betray their nations to Kremlin domination.”

    Read more at:

    Read more at:


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