‘It’s important the world knows about inhuman torture used against Ukraine’s POWs,’ says father

A 64-year-old Urzuf resident whose son, a volunteer soldier with Ukrainian forces, was killed by Russian militants, recorded testimonies of former prisoners of war (POWs) who witnessed Bezler’s thugs . . . . The father provided this information to the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

“Why should I be afraid?” says the man with sad drooping shoulders and dull eyes. “The worst has already happened. For almost a year I have been looking for the body of my son so I can bury him. I know he died in agony. If they can kill me for telling the truth,* then I am not afraid of death. It is important that the whole world knows what inhuman torture is being used against captured Ukrainian soldiers. It is important that Bezler does not escape punishment. That’s my goal….”

Nikolai Kudriavtsev brought printed copies of his conversations with the soldiers who had been POWs imprisoned with his son to the newspaper office.