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  1. walt

    Quote below from this web site,


    “Once again, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts about this subject, Putin’s Russia has infiltrated the comment sections of Western media spaces and it appears these Western media publications are complicit with this tactic by virtue of allowing these blatant pro-Russian, anti-American propagandistic comments through uncensored whilst censoring pretty much any and all comments I, and no doubt countless others, make regardless of the media space I/we choose.”

    don’t be suprised if your attatcked or edit out from libertarian sites, or Facebook debates.
    They have all the political views covered, left, right and libertarian. We are only partly winning the propoganda war, because Putinistas lies are so outrages and the digital age has some abiliaty to reveal the truth, although alittle late and too weak. Guns alone won’t win it, just like “21st century people” won’t win it just because smart phone camera’s don’t lie.

    Ed K said earlier, paraphrasing, “those with initiative are only 5% also said the internet is filled with talk and not enough analysis and concrete activity”.
    To win this war we need;
    to have blog sites like yours
    to receive accurate information
    to send counter acting information to offset putinista propaganda
    to be analytical
    to be more pro active , (everyone},be physically prepared
    to have guns

    Reports are comming in that the Uki governent is getting
    “it” at https://twitter.com/noclador
    Thoimas C. Theiner @noclador · 8 ч

    “Finally!!! #Ukraine now hands out weapons to all patriots, thus paving the way for a spirited guerrilla campaign if more #Russia scum comes.”

    Roman, again,
    In an earlier post that was made about the new modern russian warfare, you said, you could not see how they could win considering our new Ukrainian culture.
    H I T L E R did not win. Winning is only one goal, avoiding 10’s of millions of casualties is just as important, and guns are only one tool. Thats why kremlin spend some much effort on proganda.

    Worth repeating link;

  2. walt

    Something Ukrainians should consider.

    Here is a video of 16 year olds, from a advanced country, well educated, most having smart phones, had all the tools needed to succeed and they waited for someone to do something.
    First 1:30 minutes is introduction, in Korean of sinking ferry, see the 1:30 minute mark and later. Curtains in ships cabinet at 45 degree angle and it seems kids were joking around and doing nothing. Too much reality TV, games, tweeting going on, but apparently not having enough situational awareness.


    They had all the tools, pllus they had what seemed adequate time.

  3. Ed K

    In USA we have similar problem of Sheeple. That is people who
    listen to main stream media and believe what they hear as truth.
    Just look at New York Times and how many read and believe. Others
    just swallow up concept that capitalism is wrong and unjust. Still
    others believe that they are helping those unable to help themselves
    or are helping little guy.

    When I was younger I was voracious reader. I was told that I had
    to listen and understand all sides of issues. Well I finally learned that
    studying and understanding the Marxist side was strategy of the
    Marxist. Specifically delay your rebuffs, so that they could continue
    propagandizing without recourse.

    These kids on boat were taught subservience. They were not taught
    to study true leaders. Read about generalship. You find that the
    generals of armies who achieved the mostest with the leastest actually
    were occasionally found on the first line of fighting.

    Maybe those kids were not allowed on deck, but curiosity should have
    kept some to try or be near ports and observation places.

    This gets back to Holodomor in Ukraine. The best potential leaders
    walked away, to other countries or were killed. Understand that
    the Soviets used two things against villages of Ukrainians who
    balked their dominance. The lucky ones were loaded on trains in
    box cars and sent east. Other villages were simply lined up and

    Understand that Putin is using the same strategy by sending in
    trained killers. Those trained killers have specific targets in local
    Ukrainian leaders who balk at Putin.

    This is why I voice concern for commentators on this forum who
    are in Ukraine. Even those with military training should go to sleep
    understanding that they are Putin targets.

    Those that associate with those that speak out need to be aware and
    concerned for their families.

    Putin’s FSB and GRU will kill innocents. They want to silence opposition.
    And it has been demonstrated that they will even kill their own to
    heighten tensions to meet their objectives!

    Killing is part of old KGB ways. It has morphed into FSB and GRU and Speznatz.

    It is happening!


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