1. Roman

      There’s a really here restaurant here called “Batyar” referencing the people from those times. I think the US equivalent would be bootlegging gangsters.

      There are lots of great restaurants in L’viv. Just found my new favorite steak place. Come visit!

  1. elmer

    “May you be a lamp –
    hang by day, burn by night
    fade at dawn,
    and may flies settle on you”

    The difference between Irish and Ukrainians –

    The Irish have all sorts of good wishes for everyone – “may the road rise up to greet you, may the wind be always at your back ……”

    Ukrainians have all sorts of great curses –

    нехай тебе качка копне

    may a duck kick you

    That one never made any sense to me at all

    In the film clip, the word is “bartyars”

    with a warning that it is best to stay away from such people

    And – the firm refers to Lviv as “Lwow” the Rashan variant

    And “Lemberg” – the German variant

    To this very day, sovok union loyalist still refuse to refer to the city by its proper name – Lviv


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