Lviv City Day

I was going to say that all this worry about a Soviet flag waving procession passing through L’viv and provocateurs was a non-event, and it does seem that way, totally overshadowed by L’viv’s four-day-long celebration of city day.

I walked through the center every chance I got today, and saw only festivities. I did, however, find this headline: Russian diplomats attacked, insulted in Lviv

So I’d say that it was mostly a non-event.

Here’s what I did see:


  1. Oksana Kuzyszyn

    I can see that you missed a lot of what happened that day, May 9th, in Lviv and which was written about in many newspapers. Although the local courts and local government voted against red flags being displayed, nevertheless several buses with Russian organizations (Rodina and Russkoye yedynstvo) from Odessa and Crimea arrived near Lychakiv cemetery, were guarded by the militia, entered the cemetery with their large red flag while a large number of Lviv residents were kept away from the scene by 10 rows of militia.
    Also, while about 1000 protesters from “Svoboda” party marched along Lychakivska street, a scuffle started between them and 10 young men with red ribbons, which resulted in one Svoboda demonstrator being shot in the leg.

    As written in many of the articles, this was a provocation on the part of the government to cause dissent among Ukrainians with different viewpoints on the celebration – for some it was a victory day while for others it was a day of mourning for all the casualties of war between two evil empires – Soviet and German.

    1. Roman

      Thanks for the post. There was more of a demonstration than I realized.

      It’s pretty common knowledge that the “Svoboda” party is financed by the same interests who finance the Party of Regions. They want a radicalized opposition. Also, war is the health of the state, and the more the state can talk about war, invoke war-time allegences, or even fight wars, the healthier the government becomes.

      So Russian organizations went to celebrate Victory day in L’viv, and the Russian supported Ukrainian nationalists protested, and one guy was shot in the leg with a rubber bullet.

      The publicity stunt seems to have been a success.

      “Russia’s lower house has unanimously condemned the provocations by Ukrainian nationalists during the celebrations and commemorations on May 9 in Lvov. The Russian MPs demand punishment for organizers of the incident.” (more)

      My friends in Kyiv were asking me about the protests.

      I walked all over L’viv hoping to catch a glimpse. All I saw were streets crowded with people celebrating “city day”: embroidered shirts, public stages, baazars, dancing, marching bands.

      The protests, which I learned about later, were far away and completely irrelevent — just as politians should be.


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