Lviv mayor publicaly calls out president for Garbage Blockade.

L’viv’s mayor makes personal, public appeal to President Poroshenko & PM Groysman to lift the garbage blockade of leave. It is widely believed that the President, in an attempt to eliminate even a distant rival, has made it impossible for Lviv to export its garbage to landfills.

It is becoming a health hazard! And it is a disgrace for corruption reform.

I encourage my followers to publicize this.

Does anyone have contacts at the WHO?

Above the main entrance to the Lviv city hall appeared a large banner appeal to President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman demanding to stop junk blockade of the city. Banners cost 2000 USD paid personally Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy.

“Poroshenko, Groisman, stop junk blockade of the city!” – written on the banner located above the main entrance to the Lviv City Hall. A letter to the president and prime minister also duplicated in English.

Banner, judging by the photo, sent to the editor ZAXID.NET witness, appeared on Wednesday night, June 14.

Ukrainian language original: