Maidan and WWII history

As the EU attempts to expand into Ukraine, they’re encountering a people for whom the battle over WWII history is not yet settled. :) They are confused.

EU: Soviets in WWII were good guys. Russia today is the bad guy.
Protesters: Soviets in WWII were bad guys. Russia today is the good guy.
Russia: Soviets in WWII were good guys. We are good guys.


Another version:

EU: The Soviets Were Good (they defeated Nazis!), The Russians are Bad.

Most Ukrainians: The Soviets Were Horrible, The Russians are Bad.

Banderivtsi: Partisans fought both the Soviets and Nazis.

Extreme Baderivtsi: The Nazis helped us fight the Soviets.

Russians: The Soviets were mostly good. We are good. Protesters are Nazis.

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