May 9 in Mariupol

Ukrainian soldier fires an RPG

Dead government supporter

Barricades on fire near city council. BPMs drive by

Government BMP captured (imo, it might have been abandoned due to mechanical failure or smth)

Civilians surround, try to stop BMP

video of stand off between people and Ukrainian soldiers. Lots of shouting and name calling. 1 Civilian shot at 5:35. 3+ civilians get shot at 7:00+

Police building occupied by Pro-Russians after taking fire from Ukrainian army

Another video of people stopping BMP. Same event
Quarrels between soldiers and civilians:

People shout at pro-government fighters carrying their injured

People stop army column. Soldiers open fire (probably in the air, but not quite sure)

Fire in the Police building starting. Voice behind the camera accuses of pro-government soldiers of starting the fire while pro-Russians are inside (1:50+). Though it can't be seen how the fire was started

Injured city deputy. Killed civilian

Another civilian shot

EDIT: I’ve seen multiple reports of pro-Russian militia leaving Slavyansk for Mariupol, including Chechens with experience in guerrilla warfare. In coming hours (evening – night of the 9th of May) there might occur some real heavy fighting

EDIT2: Apparently government soldiers have pulled out from Mariupol and block all traffic in and out of the city

EDIT3: Electricity was cut off. Now its back on