My top 10 (ie 15) reading list #books

I was recently challenged to list the books which influenced me the most. Here they are:

1. Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn
2. The Law, Bastiat
3. History of the Peloppenesian War, Thucydides
4. The Sound and the Fury, Falkner
5. Explaining Post Modernism, Stephen Hicks
6. Origins of the Political Order, Fukuyama
7. Uniqueness of Western Civilization, Duchesne
8. The Secret Agent, Joseph Conrad
9. Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, AJ Nock
10. My High School Physics Text Books (no idea which ones they were)

Honorable mentions:

US Army Field Manual 7-8
The Israel Lobby, Mersheimer & Walt
Theory and History, Mises
Economics, Society & History Lecture Series, Hoppe
Assorted Facebook Posts, Curt Doolittle