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  1. Ed K

    The Soviet strategy of killing the smartest and
    most likely to succeed is being reversed in China:


    Where they are increasing the mathematical
    probabilities of more of the best.

    The chart of the normal curve and likelihood of
    success demonstrates the handicap that Ukraine
    has been left from the Soviets.

    And it is exactly the reason why so many of Diaspora
    are successful. Some of the best ran fast. The ones
    that didn’t run while equally able were shot or sent to

    And the problem continues today for Ukraine. Many of
    the best who are on the right side of the chart go
    elsewhere. And many go to Russia with lure of big bucks.

    What is amazing is that there still are some in Ukraine
    on the right side of the chart.

    Alternatively, is paucity of Ukrainian responders on this
    forum due to Ukrainians being on left side?

    1. Roman

      I think I should open a FB page if I want more readers. Blogs are falling in popularity.

      Mostly, however, I want this website as a sort of personal journal.

    2. Ed K

      It was said, Blogs are falling in popularity.

      That may be true, but that also abnegates
      responsibility to state an opinion and to
      support your view with details.

      Yes, Twitter is popular. However do short
      statements without facts persuade?

      Here is an example of blog where a position
      is presented and supported:

      Lesson for Conservatives in dealing with
      liberal media bias

      Christie’s team then put out a flood of data
      showing MSNBC’s obsessive coverage and a
      string of tweets from Zimmer on the New
      Jersey transit situation. It also set out
      examples of MSNBC’s cartoonish coverage,
      including a sort of Democratic ad (!)
      against Christie.

      The test for the mainstream media and for
      medic “critics” (often merely on the prowl for
      Fox News bias) is whether they find the actual
      scandal: The MSNBC hit-squad that does not
      investigate, does not make any pretense of
      balance or fairness and is nevertheless given
      legitimacy by other media elites.

      This is also a lesson for conservatives in
      dealing with liberal media bias. You don’t
      whine. You present the facts, fully and fast. You
      present compelling evidence of bias. If the
      conservatives want politicians who show some
      backbone when under attack by phony news
      operations, they’d be wise to follow the Christie

      In the meantime, Christie, in an odd way, may
      be lucky here. MSNBC has turned a legitimate
      news story (the bridge) into a vivid display
      of media bias. That in turn will give conservatives
      who might otherwise see fit to pile on pause. Do
      they want to be the couriers of MSNBC smears?


      1. Roman

        Sounds like a great task for a retired businessman who is full of enthusiasm and concerned about the economic / political situation in the world.


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