Nationalists vs Corruption — military industries are selling to both sides

I’ve heard a lot of stories like this. Many military officers hate having Right Sector or other nationalists around b/c then they can’t run corruption schemes.

Oligarch have no nationality nor motherland – Donbass terrorists have declared that Poroshenko`s military plant sells them grenade launchers

Russian terrorists said that Poroshenko`s military plant “Lenin’s smithy” that produces rocket launchers, seits its production for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the “DNR” terrorists at the same time


    1. Roman

      I don’t know. Because Russian propaganda has been so glaring there is a sort of “Ukrainian exceptionalism” where we hesitate to criticize the things that need criticizing.

      I’m planning to post an article about it soon.

  1. Beauregard

    Monday is the 800th anniversary of the adoption of the
    Magna Carta, the foundation of western (thus all) liberty.


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