Nazis among Russians

That awkward moment when #Donetsk’s pro-#Russia leader who vowed to fight Nazis in #Ukraine IS a #Nazi.MT


This again confirms the observation of Timothy Snyder. “the [former] Ukrainian government [and current Russian government] is telling itself that its opponents are Jews and us that its opponents are Nazis.”


There was also the earlier picture made by social network detectives of the guy who briefly raised the Russian flag in Kharkiv:



“I am a citizen of the Russian Federation, a Russian Jew, who’s been living in Ukraine for five years. I have never had a problem with the fact that I’m a Russian speaker, or with my Jewish music. Not in Lvov, or Kiev, or the Maidan. I’ve never seen any “Banderite-fascists,” Nazis and anti-Semites–it’s a myth. Putin, with broad support from the people of Russia, sent troops into Ukraine: this is not, in any way, protection against extremists. It’s a war against a peaceful, independent country. Shame on Russia. It is a terrible misfortune.”

~Mitya Gerasimov


If Putin really wanted to stamp out Neo-Nazis, he should start in Moscow: