New Hair. New Location. Same Prostitute. Same Propaganda. #actress

The same Russian propaganda actress has appeared in about a dozen different location claiming to be a different concerned local resident in each:




Addendum — Also, this one:



Multiple appearances during Luhansk referndum:

In Moscow as a citizen of Odesa asking for help:

Political “actress” spotted again during Luhansk “referendum”

2014/05/12 • News

fe49db8-baba-115.jpg.pagespeed.ce.yqvqT5tHWWThe separatist actress Maria Tsypko, who was recently in Odesa taking part in pro-Russian demonstrations, then in Sevastopol as an unfortunate refugee from Odesa, persecuted by the authorities, has now turned up in Luhansk as an organizer of the “referendum.”

The relevant video from one of the voting committees was made available by Volodymyr Yehorov.

Previously Maria was spotted in Odesa while collecting funds for tents and other needs of the separatist camp. (start at 10:35)

Then she was in Crimea, where she tearfully described how pensioners collected their meager donations just so she could travel to Sevastopol to ask Russia for help.

In Moscow, as a citizen of Odesa asking for help:



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