Notes on Russian Pseudo Science

Pseudo Science appears markedly worse in Russia, and Ukraine for that matter. As is typical of Russian conspiratorial thinking, scientific inquiry often takes the form of overcoming nature which is maliciously and unfairly hiding its abundance.

A Statement by 32 Russian Scientists and Philosophers on the need to combat pseudo science:

Rampaging Pseudoscience Turning Russia into ‘Medieval State’–qa/529301.html–qa/529301.html

Russia to Use Social Media in Fight Against Pseudoscience, Report Says

The Russian government allotted 30 million rubles ($750,000) for a social media campaign to combat rampant pseudoscience, Izvestia reported Tuesday. . . .

The Russian Academy of Sciences has long lambasted the reported rise of pseudoscience in Russia after the Soviet Union’s downfall, often blaming it on a degradation of the educational system.

Overview of ridiculous scientific research in the USSR and Russia:

Science and Pseudoscience in Russia: The First Skeptics’ Congress Convenes in Russia

The Russian Academy of Sciences cosponsored a special conference with CSICOP on “Science, Anti-Science, and the Paranormal” last October in Moscow. Russian scientists complained about the growth of uncritical public acceptance of pseudoscience in Russia and participants passed a resolution warning of the increasing anti-science, charlatanism, and irrationalism.