One of the best chess players in the world

I saw Vassily Ivanchuk casually studying chess in a coffee shop a couple days ago with another guy who also looked like a chess player. Was too star struck to introduce myself. Should have.

7 thoughts on “One of the best chess players in the world

  1. Andrii

    Cool! Ivanchuk is real genius.
    I think, much more gifted than Ruslan Ponomariov who has beaten Ivanchuk in FIDE world title final.

    1. Ed K


      Repeat after Otto Von Bismark:

      Audacity, Audacity, Always Audacity.

      Do not fear those in high positions. They are only men and
      women who at end of day are no more able than you.

      Join a group called ‘Toastmasters International’ who practice
      speaking up and prepare you to speak up competently.

      Become Deacon in your church to practice standing up before
      others and speaking.

      Correct practice will improve your competence and thus willingness
      to lead. Ukraine cries for leaders . The world cries for leaders.

      So many who do not care about their heritage or who have an evil
      mind do not hesitate to step forward and meet the stars. Only when
      you step forward will you rest.

      Practice, Practice, perfect Practice!

        1. Ed K

          Both of you need to fully get the whole picture.

          Once or twice is not answer. More like two or three
          years. While both of you are good people at your ages
          both of you need to step up and accept obligations.

          Toastmasters has a specific program of practice. It takes
          more than a year to complete all the exercises. Yes it
          cost money. Yes it cost time. Yes it requires personal

          Had you made the commitment when I first suggested
          it to you, I fully appreciate that you would be different

          You have not demonstrated the leadership
          development that was expected of you from eariler
          achievements. Yes, achievement is expected of those
          capable of doing somethin important. Not all are given
          the abilities. Unfortunately not all given the abilities
          do the work necessary.

          Both of you need to sign a written commitment to join
          and participate for a minimum of two years. That is in
          addition to everything else you plan to do.

          If you need the shekels, send me your mailing address.
          That is with the written commitment on your part of course.

          Achieve, Achieve, always Achieve.

  2. Ed K

    Until the draft was instituted in USA, the military was
    volunteer. Sometime that meant that organizers had
    to recruit their own company or even regiment.

    You attained high company rank in army without having
    to do the hard part of recruiting your own men. Now is
    time to accept the challenge and recruit Ukrainian speakers
    who are willing to stand up and be heard.

    It is understood that creating a Ukrainian Toastmasters group
    is neither a given, nor easy task. However, were you ever
    responsible for some training of men at company level? Did
    you attend any classes or task specific training in military.

    As college graduate you had many years of what is called
    schooling. That was specific study of topics. Now is time
    to put all that together and take what the best teachers
    imparted and teach others. Specifically under guise of
    taking a group of willing but unlearned individuals and
    mold them into people with skills to assume local leadership.

    You have ability to execute the above, yes? Is my opinion

    Is not that what historical Ukrainian hetmen did?

    You want to stay in Ukraine? Then I challenge you to
    leave tracks of your time there.

    Others have left tracks, yes?

    One method of leaving tracks would be help train others to
    stand up and lead in Ukrainian.

    Do the locals speak only English? Most speak Ukrainian.
    But they need to acquire tools to lead in a positive way.
    They need skills in persuasion not Thuggery.

    Leadership of community is always evolving. Part of
    being human is getting old. Who will the leaders of
    tomorrow be?

    Roman has had much training. Will he impart some of the
    training to those not offered those opportunities? Will he
    accept the obligation?

    One answer is to create and develop a core group of Ukrainians
    with the skills to be community leaders. One answer is to create
    a Ukrainian language Toastmasters group.

    It is understood that this would not be easy… But Toastmasters
    have a program of developing leadership skills of groups, both
    community and business.


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