Polish vs Ukrainian villages in Galicia

I enjoyed fascinating discussions yesterday in many regards. I enjoyed them in L’viv style too — sitting in a coffee shop, then in another, then in another.

Here’s one detail:

In Galicia, originally Ukrainian villages are visibly different from originally Polish ones. The Ukrainian ones arose earlier. Many were build during a time of Tartar and Turkish raiders. Consequently, they are often hidden in valleys and ravines. They are also rounder with many little streets — for security, community, or both. Polish villages mostly came into existence during the time of a strong Polish state. They were built along single roads or intersections in places with good land for farming.

For my An-Cap friends, these reflect eras of mobile bandits versus stationary ones (whose longer time preference causes them to be more slightly more humane).

Here’s an article on the era.


  1. Leo

    Here is another book about the history of Ukraine. It’s more world-known than Doroshenko’s. Subtelny, O. 2000. The History of Ukraine, Toronto: University of Toronto Press.


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