2 thoughts on “Poor Yulia

  1. elmer

    I’m not sure why you’re saying that Roman.

    Tymoshenko has her faults, but she is an extraordinarily bright person, extremely energetic, and extremely courageous in the face of a sovietized mafia gang of thugs that put her in jail on trumped up charges in a stalin show trial.

    She has had plenty of constructive things to say over the years in Ukraine’s political life, and she is still doing so.

    There are some things that she says I don’t agree with – for example, she does not want to eliminate the party list system of elections for parliament.

    True, she operates on the basis of politics of confrontation – maybe she can adjust

    If anyone should be swept aside, it is thugs like Nestor Shufrych and Tihipko, as well as others who participated in creating and benefiting from the Party of Regions gang bulldozer, who created the garish idiot yanukonvikt and his “family” dictatorship, and who participated in the rape, pillage, robbery, murder and gutting of Ukraine for the sake of their own wealth.

  2. Ed K


    Since you are alleged to be both writer and Kiev insider and Roman
    is busy with other things, could you use your literary skills to write a
    summary of recent elections and what they may mean?

    Remember that your audience in more than USA. And it could include
    interested persons who prefer level use of language and words.

    We do expect the best from the best…


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