Putin Just Gave All Russians the Right to Carry a Rifle Anywhere (?)

If this is true, then wow. The beginning of the end of Russia’s culture of corruption.

I suspect Putin is desperate and lost in a tangle of conflicting ideas and vanity. I think he did this unknowingly — not aware of how it might utterly transform Russian culture.



  1. caap02

    Look, I live in Haiti, a very very corrupt place where EVERYONE has guns. Your faith in this “right to bear arms” is just wrong.

  2. Roman

    I think Haiti has a lot of very deep problems. I’ve lived close to Russia long enough now to realize how central fear and intimidation are to Russian corruption, authoritarianism. Armed people are not so easily intimidated. Gun ownership would transform Russian culture. Unfortunately, this legislation seems only a very weak first step.

  3. walt

    Roman, I agree gun opwnership would help, but Caap2 has a point and so do you when you say, Haiti has a lot of deep problems, ruSSia has those deep prpblems too.

    Nothing will help ruSSia in the short run short of the kind of help the allies gave germany and Japan in the early 40s.

    1. Roman

      I guess it’s a moot point, because this law was just a tiny, one-line amendment to existing laws which allows “self defense” to be one’s reason for gun ownership. But the laws remain among Europe’s most restrictive.


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