Putin’s Arguments to the Russian Public

The Russian Federation heard general words in response to its proposals to the United States and NATO on European security. Rational grains touched only on minor points.

Russia’s offer of security guarantees was rejected from the doorstep by the West.

NATO completely ignores our complaints. They spit on them and do whatever they need to do. And we want to continue doing the same? As the saying goes: a dog barks – the caravan moves on. But we do not agree with this.

The deployment of intelligence assets on the territory of Ukraine will allow us to control our territory up to the Urals.

The main opponent for the United States and NATO is Russia.

The US is making an enemy out of Russia only because they don’t need such a big country.

Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the deployment of weapons on this territory is a settled issue.

The United States does not need an independent and strong Russia, this is the source of American policy.

In 2000, I asked Clinton how the US would react to accepting Russia into NATO, the reaction looked very restrained.

A number of Eastern European countries have brought their complexes regarding the “Russian threat” to NATO.

They try to convince us over and over again that NATO is a purely defensive alliance, they again offer to take their word for it, but we know the real price of such words well.

Representatives of the United States claimed that active hostilities in the east of Ukraine do not interfere with the country’s entry into NATO.

The exercises in Ukraine with foreigners serve as a cover for the rapid build-up of forces in the region and the transfer of units in the shortest possible time.

Ukraine’s accession to NATO is a direct threat to Russia’s security.

Are you abandoning your own past, the so-called colonial legacy of the Russian Empire? Well then be consistent here.

If Ukraine has weapons of mass destruction, the situation in the world, Europe and for Russia will change dramatically, Moscow cannot but react.

Crimeans and residents of Sevastopol thwarted NATO’s plans to create a military base in Crimea.

The activities of the Ukrainian armed forces and special services are led by foreign advisers, we know this well.

It will be much easier for Ukraine to acquire a tactical nuclear weapon, especially with technological support from abroad.

Poverty, hopelessness, loss of industrial potential – is this the pro-Western civilizational choice?.

In Kiev, they continue to prepare a massacre of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The US embassy in Kiev directly controls “anti-corruption activities” under the pretext of “effective fight,” but corruption blooms more than ever.

“Ukraine was created by Russia” and Ukraine is “part of our history.”

Corruption corroded Ukrainian statehood, which led to ultranationalists taking advantage of this in 2014 with the support of the West.

Ukraine has drawn up plans for the invasion of Crimea.

Since 2014, water tariffs in Ukraine have almost tripled, electricity by several times, gas for households by dozens of times, many people do not have money to pay for utilities.

The financial support of the [2014] Maidan from the US Embassy was 1 million Dollars a day.

External forces played their role in the relations between Russia and Ukraine, which grew their clientele and promoted them to power.

Ukraine has never had its true statehood, stable statehood in Ukraine has not developed.

Russia has always cooperated with Ukraine openly, honestly and with respect for its interests. But instead of partnership, dependency began to prevail.

Kiev used the dialogue with Russia as a bargaining chip with the West.

Putin says that Ukraine is one of the countries that got most aid after the collapse of the USSR, around $250 billion from 1991-2013.

The collapse of the USSR was caused by the mistakes of the Bolsheviks in different years, the collapse of historical Russia is on their conscience.

Putin says the Bolsheviks literally squeezed Donbass into Ukraine.

Do you want decommunization? We’ll be fine with that. We are ready to show what real decommunization means for Ukraine.

Lenin is the author and architect of Ukraine. Today it can be rightfully called Ukraine named after “Vladimir Ilyich Lenin”.

The events of the Soviet past cannot be changed, but we must talk about them directly, without political correctness.

Why was it necessary to make such generous gifts, which even the most ardent nationalists could not even dream of? Because after the revolution the Bolsheviks wanted to stay in power at any cost.

Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine for some reason.

Modern Ukraine was completely created by Russia. Lenin and his associates created modern Ukraine by separating territories from Russia.

Ukraine is not just a neighboring country for us, Ukraine is a part of our cultural space.